Monday, October 6, 2008

2009 INA Conference Announced

The International Nanny Association will host its 24th Annual Conference April 23-26, 2009 in Dallas, TX.

I highly recommend this conference to anyone in the in-home child care industry who has never attended an industry conference before. This Thursday - Sunday event is filled with networking opportunities, workshops, phenomenal speakers, industry leaders, and much more.

The INA also recognized an outstanding nanny in her profession by recognizing the Nanny of the Year. As a past INA Nanny of the Year (1997), I encourage all nannies to bring out their best and reach for this accomplishment and be recognized by your peers for the work you love.

Watch for more details on the conference as they become available.

Have you attended an INA Conference? What is the most important thing you've learned from attending Conference? What is your favorite memory?


Cortney said...

Congrats on the new blog!
I've been attending the annual INA conference since 2004 and look forward to it every year.
The 2009 conference is going to be extra special for me because I'm chairing the conference committee this year. We have a lot of great things planned! From awesome speakers to outrageously fun activities, the 2009 conference is a must for anyone involved in the in-home childcare industry!!!
BTW - everything I learned about conference planning, I learned from Kellie! :)

Best Nanny Newsletter said...

Great job Kellie! I love nanny conferences and you have always helped make nanny conferences great. Your advice is always well appreciated!

Stephanie Felzenberg