Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a wonderful day - a new nanny is coming and a little girl wonders what she will do with her nanny friend. Ginny Thurber has written a sweet story filled with wonderful illustrations and answers many questions I'm sure all children wonder ... will we play outside, will she feed me, will she make me eat food I don't like? Follow the adventure and fun of a special first day between nanny and child.

About the Author:
Ginny Thurber was born and raised in a small farming town in southern Idaho. Her formal education took place at the University at Little Rock, Arkansas where she discovered her love for writing. She later enrolled in The Institute for Children’s Literature and began writing children’s books and articles. Ginny has two daughters and five grandchildren. She works with children’s ministries and is a professional nanny. Ginny resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her puppy, Snickers.

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janet said...

Often when we hire a new caregiver it is because there is a change in the dynamic of the family or your present nanny is resigning from the position.
This can be a very difficult time for the children especially if a new child is coming along.
Recently I received a call from one of my clients who had hired a nanny through our agency about two years ago. She was upset that her nanny was leaving but also very happy for her good fortune (as she was leaving the province to get married) I immediately thought that it would be somewhat challenging to find a caregiver who could take the place of this nanny who had become part of their family. She had developed a wonderful relationship with the children. My client’s main concern was how her children (5 and 3 ) were going to adjust to a new caregiver especially when a new baby was due right around the time their nanny was planning to leave.
I found another nanny for the family with in a few weeks, That was the easy part. The harder part was to help the family shift these two children into life with the newly appointed nanny.
The goal in this case was to help the children feel safe and comfortable with their new caregiver We know that this may take some time. The new nanny was a professional and understood that the children might act out and may or may not be in full control of their emotions after “losing” their nanny. In this situation there are several ideas that I suggested to the family to help tthe children and the new nanny with the transition.

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Janet MacDonald