Sunday, November 1, 2009

Upcoming Events for 2010

All Things Nanny has compiled a listing of known nanny events / conferences for 2010.

We know continuing education is important to nannies, and are pleased there are many opportunities available in the coming year. From an exciting INA conference in San Francisco to a relaxing nanny retreat in Key West, there is something for everyone.

As details and events become available, we will be sure to bring you that information.

Stay tuned to Regarding Nannies for The Financial Nanny tips on how to save for conferences.

If you know of any events or would like your event posted here, let us know!

International Nanny Association
25th Annual Conference
May 20-23, 2009
Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, CA
Exclusive INA Conference Room Rate of $115 per night!

Details can be found at
Know a nanny who should be recognized as INA Nanny of the Year? Consider nominating her. Details can be found here.

Perfect Match Nannies 4th Annual Nanny Retreat
September 24-26, 2009
Key Largo, FL
Key Largo Resort
1 day education / training
Happiest Baby & Toddler on the Block and various safety training/recertification’s will be offered AND
2 days of networking, relaxing & fun activities. Open to all nannies.
Exact cost / details TBA.
Registration will open March 1 at Perfect Match Nannies.

Read all about the 2009 Retreat and get ready for 2010.

Details not yet available but as soon as we have them we will bring you information on Nannypalooza 2010.

National Nanny Recognition Week 2010
September 19 – 25. Details provided as they become available.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh the places we can go!

Last week on Regarding Nannies, I wrote about the importance of getting and staying connected in this industry.

Continuing on that theme of staying connected, there is an abundance of sites available out there to nannies and the public that we can utilize in our personal and professional lives.

These are just a few of my favorites ...

Early Childhood Ed
Nanny Network - check out their library! From A-Z, Nanny Network has got you covered.
Best Nanny Newsletter
Don't forget to check out Yahoo Groups! A number of associations and nanny groups have groups online. Some are public, some private, but everyone has interests - so find yours today!

I know there are more out there … what sites do you visit that you find valuable to your personal or professional life as a nanny?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy NNRW - National Nanny Recognition Week

To all the wonderful nannies ... Happy NNRW 2009!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Interview with Sue Downey ~ Co-creator of Nannypalooza

I've known Sue for a few years, starting when I was a nanny in the Philadelphia area. With Nannypalooza coming to the Washington, DC area October 3-4, 2009, I thought this would be a great opportunity to ask Sue some questions about Nannypalooza and share with you all.

Why was Nannypalooza created?
Lora Brawley and I felt there was a need for affordable, high quality training. At the heart of it, that is the most important aspect of Nannypalooza. While there are many other great conferences, we wanted to create a more casual, less expensive option. Originally we thought it would only serve a small regional area, but it has grown as nannies have wanted to travel from all over the US to attend.

Why do you feel Nannypalooza is the success that it is?
I think the atmosphere we have been able to create at Nannypalooza is the key to success. While we are serious about our profession, we are all about creating an inclusive, fun environment - much like we do with our kids every day! We have had some amazing support from the nanny community as well - nannies who come back year and businesses that really support nannies and what we are trying to accomplish.

What is your greatest accomplishment associated with Nannypalooza?
Just being able to keep the price low is a big accomplishment for us and something we constantly struggle with. The 'palooza is all about fun, relaxed learning and connecting to others who feel the same way. It is a struggle every year to find enough financing, and to make tough choices about what we will offer or where we will be located. However, thanks to some incredibly supportive companies and some creative thinking we are still less than $100 for 6 workshops and 3 meals! This means that even nannies who are just starting out on their career path can attend.

What would you say to nannies that feel Nannypalooza or conferences in general are not for them - they don't feel they need to attend these types of venues?
It is easy to dismiss these events, especially if you have to pay for them yourself, but I think that there is NOTHING in the world like being a room full of people who share your professional ideals and hearing some new idea that will make a real difference to the kids you care for. It is important to invest in yourself. As nannies we often complain about the lack of respect we get from the press, from outsiders, or even from our employers. It essential to respect ourselves and know that to be professionals we need to continue learning. Conferences are one great way - certainly the most fun way in my opinion! And there are many options for GREAT conferences. You should try a few - INA, NAEYC, NannyPalooza - and see which one fits best for you. However, conferences aren't the only way to continue learning. If you are not attending conferences, make sure you are still training in some way.
What is the one thing you hope nannies take away from their Nannypalooza experience? At least one new idea, one new connection and a sense of enthusiasm and pride!

Anyone with ideas or questions should feel free to contact us. We are willing to work with people to make sure that anyone can attend whenever possible, and we welcome input from all sources!

Sue Downey is a professional nanny in the Philadelphia area and president of PhillyNannies.

Nannypalooza offers an amazing lineup of speakers. Some of the workshops include: Nanny Contracts, Challenges of Adolescence, Infant Massage, Time Management for the Nanny Manager, Defusing Sibling Rivalry and Working with the Special Needs Child. This is just a small sampling of the many workshops offered.

Presenters include: Kathy Webb, and Nannypalooza Sponsor, Patricia Cancellier with PEP , Carolyn Stulberg - Alexandria School and Lynne Ticknor - Certified Parent Educator. Again, this is just a small sampling of the presenters that will be at Nannypalooza.

Still want to learn more? Read the Frequently Asked Questions about Nannypalooza.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are you Ready? Being Prepared for Personal Emergencies

As nannies we are so consumed with the safety and well-being of our charges and the families we care for, we often forget to include ourselves in emergency preparedness. At any time an accident can occur and with that comes a multitude of responsibility. Are you prepared? Are you prepared should YOU be the one that needs help, and not your charge or family?

I have every phone number, address, insurance number for my charges and parents, but what if something happens to me? My employer knows I have an aunt in Richmond, and that I have friends in the area, but do they know how to reach them? I’ve been fortunate to never have been seriously injured or ill, but I know nannies that have been. It has been their responsibility to call family or friends to help when needed.

So what can we do? What can we ask of our employer should something happen?

Prepare for the unexpected.

Accidents happen. On and off the job. Many nannies are hundreds, if not thousands of miles from home. Prepare a list of names and contact information to give to your employer to keep on file. Instruct them whom to contact and how, should an emergency should arise.

Provide your insurance information to your employer as a backup. If you are traveling with your employer this information can come in handy.

Discuss with your employer your reasoning for asking them to do this. Car accidents, falls, injuries, sudden illness … your mind should be on getting immediate medical attention, not having to contact people.

Hopefully you have a good relationship with your employer and are comfortable asking them to do this. If not, ask a close friend or neighbor who can step in should you need help.

If you don’t have your employers contact information – ask them for it. Say you are babysitting for them late one night and the police show up at the door. The parents have been involved in a serious car accident and both are hurt. What do you do? Whom do you contact? Having a list of family or friends that they wish to be notified should something happen can help you remain calm and focus on what needs to be done.

Police and emergency personnel recommend keeping an I C E number in your phone. I C E stands for IN CASE of EMERGENCY. This alerts police, emergency personnel and hospital staff of whom to call should you be involved in an accident. In your phone address book, list I C E and any person/number you wish contacted. This helps save valuable time in an emergency.

Also, keep in writing an emergency contact card in your vehicle. You can keep this in the glove compartment or with your insurance/registration information. This can be a listing of all personal information for you, the child/children in your car, emergency contact information to reach the parents, etc. Medical conditions, medications, doctor names and contact info and more. You should also keep a copy of your emergency medical release for the child/children in the car with you at all times. I also recommend keeping all important documents in a Ziploc clearly labeled IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION.

Following these recommendations also helps you open up the lines of communication with your employer on what the expectations should are an emergency arise. How would they handle a situation if it involved the children? What if you had an accident off-hours in a car they provided? Do you have that outlined in your work agreement? Who’s responsible for work related accidents, even if you are not at fault?

So many responsibilities, so many opportunities for something to happen … ARE YOU PREPARED?

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Nannies are Here! Regarding Nannies that is.

I’m proud to announce the launch of the new site Regarding Nannies. Together with Glenda Propst and Alice Shaffer, we have created a site that incorporates all aspects of today’s professional nanny.

Each week we will bring you:

Monday Moxie – is a roundup of nanny tidbits, news from the industry, some of our favorite websites and more.

Tuesday Tip Jar – the best and most useful tips to help you in your personal and professional lives.

Wednesday – Let’s Be Creative! Join The Creative Nanny as we bring you crafts, recipes and activities from guest contributors and some of our favorite websites and blogs.

Table Talk Thursday – interviews with some of today’s top nannies, profiles of nanny support groups and guest writers bringing you perspectives on issues we all face.

Financial FridayThe Financial Nanny brings you tips and resources for savings, spending and being financially secure.

We will also have giveaways, product and book reviews, and much, much more!

To kick things off we are giving away FOUR INA Memberships – one each week, starting today, July 6.

Visit every day, tell your friends and become a part of the site dedicated to YOU!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Something New and Exciting Coming Monday, July 6!

The Nannies are coming your way! Come back Monday, July 6 to see where we are and what we are doing ...... You won't want to miss this!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nanny Transitions: Help for Nannies When Leaving A Job

Glenda Propst has a new blog, Nanny Transitions, dedicated to educating and helping nannies with the hard task of leaving a family. From communicating your intentions to preparing the parents and the kids to your departure, Glenda offers insight, practical tips and years of experience to any nanny currently in transition or thinking about leaving a family.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Great Giveaway For All Nannies

Check out the NEW blogs of The Financial Nanny and Nanny Transitions for an exiting opportunity to win a FREE INA Membership.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Nanny Financial Corner

Oh Budget!
The following article appeared in the May/June 2009 ADCAN newsletter.
by Alice Shaffer

We have all been told at one time or another we need to follow a budget. However the problem we run into is how exactly to set one up and where our money goes. We would all love a personal financial planner but can't afford one. Today I bring you some hope to this frustrating process.

Read more .....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Children's Book by Award Winning Author / Nanny Shellie Braeuner

What a treat! Meet Award Winning Author / Nanny Shellie Braeuner and read how she combined her love of writing and love of children into an award winning book soon to be released to the public!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 INA Salary & Benefits Survey Results Announced

The International Nanny Association has released the results of their recent Salary and Benefits Survey.

Six hundred and sixty seven (667) in-home child care providers responded to the 2009 INA Salary and Benefits Survey. The respondents include Nannies, Traveling Nannies, Temporary Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists, Doulas, Governesses, and other in-home child care providers.
Information in the report is based on the year 2008.

Friday, May 1, 2009

INA Honors New Nanny of the Year

Real Life Super Nanny MaryAnn X. Meddish Honored with International Nanny Award

Dallas, TX (April 24, 2009) – The International Nanny Association (INA) has announced that MaryAnn X. Meddish, of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan has been selected as the 2009 INA Nanny of The Year (NOTY) award recipient at its annual conference in Dallas, Texas on April 24. “MaryAnn is the perfect picture of an exemplary nanny, not only in her work, but also in her professional conduct” said Wendy Sachs, Co-President of INA. In addition to being the best of the best in her profession, MaryAnn is of legal working status and adheres to all required state and federal tax laws; a hot topic not only in the political arena this year, but also in the recent media.

MaryAnn has been a professional nanny for the past 23 years and currently works as a nanny manager for a family with triplets. MaryAnn is a Certified Professional Nanny and graduate of Northwest Nannies Institute. She has also successfully completed the prestigious Nanny Advancement Program at Starkey International Institute and has passed the INA Nanny Credential Exam, earning her the title of INA Credentialed Nanny.

Lori Goldman, MaryAnn’s current employer says that “MaryAnn was born to be a nanny. Her ease in interacting with the triplets has fostered a serenity and calmness in them that make them the happiest and most content of babies. Her ability to nurture while gently guiding them is a wonderful thing to behold. Even our 11 year old daughter has fallen under MaryAnn’s spell.”
Carolyn Kavanaugh, MaryAnn’s former instructor at Northwest Nannies Institute (NNI) said “When MaryAnn first arrived at Northwest Nannies Institute in January 1990, we knew immediately that she was a young woman with the desire to be the very best nanny possible. NNI graduates are given an excellent foundation, but it is their responsibility to grow independently with each job and each challenge that awaits them. MaryAnn has truly flourished with each new family she has served.”

As is tradition, the prestigious award was presented by the previous year’s award recipient, 2008 NOTY Donna Robinson, a renowned traveling nanny and a genuine advocate for children. As a representative of the nanny profession, MaryAnn will be available for media interviews and appearances, in addition to booking speaking engagements.

As the 1997 INA Nanny of the Year I can say it was a highlight of my career to stand before family and friends and be recognized by my peers for a job that I love. This past month in Dallas, INA honored a new Nanny of the Year. I encourage every nanny who is passionate about what she does to consider the nomination process to be the next INA Nanny of the Year.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Off to Conference

I'm packed and ready to head out tomorrow to the INA Conference in Dallas. I cannot wait to get back and share with you all the wonderful resources, information, and speaker information from this experience. If you're going to conference - see you there!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a wonderful day - a new nanny is coming and a little girl wonders what she will do with her nanny friend. Ginny Thurber has written a sweet story filled with wonderful illustrations and answers many questions I'm sure all children wonder ... will we play outside, will she feed me, will she make me eat food I don't like? Follow the adventure and fun of a special first day between nanny and child.

About the Author:
Ginny Thurber was born and raised in a small farming town in southern Idaho. Her formal education took place at the University at Little Rock, Arkansas where she discovered her love for writing. She later enrolled in The Institute for Children’s Literature and began writing children’s books and articles. Ginny has two daughters and five grandchildren. She works with children’s ministries and is a professional nanny. Ginny resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her puppy, Snickers.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Domestically Downsizing? INA Urges Parents to Carefully Calculate Their Cutbacks

Media Contact:
Susan Tokayer, Co-President
International Nanny Association
Phone: (914) 674-8535
Media Contact:
Wendy Sachs, Co-President
International Nanny Association
Phone: (610) 645-6550

Domestically Downsizing? INA Urges Parents to Carefully Calculate Their Cutbacks

Hyannis, MA (March 26, 2009) – Walking the dog, running errands, doing the family laundry and deep cleaning the house used to be the responsibility of dog walkers, personal assistants and housekeepers, but in today’s economy, household employers are scaling back and asking their nannies to do more.
“For the first time ever, I am having parents call and ask if they can hire a nanny/housekeeper” said Susan Tokayer, co-president of the International Nanny Association (INA) and owner of Family Helpers, a New York based nanny placement agency. “Parents are looking for ways to cut back on their expenses and merging the roles of their household help is one way they’re trying to do just that.”
While even the most seasoned nanny understands that in this economy, they have to be even more flexible and figure out ways to bring added value to their job, it’s important for both parents and nannies to remember that the safety of the children must come first.

“While it is perfectly acceptable to ask a nanny to take on additional household tasks while the children are sleeping or at preschool, asking your nanny to perform household chores beyond the normal tidying up while the kids are in her care can put the children at risk” says Wendy Sachs, co-president of INA and owner of the Philadelphia Nanny Network, a Philadelphia based nanny placement agency.
Nannies agree, “When the children are in my care, my priority is keeping them safe and engaged” said Donna Robinson, a nanny with over a decade of experience and the associations 2008 Nanny of the Year. “It only takes a second for a toddler to get into cleaning supplies or to trip over the vacuum cord and get hurt. While I’m more than willing to help out, lend a hand and prove my worth, when my charge is awake or with me, my focus is solely on him.”
Nannies and nanny placement agency owners are experiencing the effects of domestic downsizing first hand and to help parents calculate their cutbacks, the International Nanny Association offers these five tips:
  • If you’re thinking about asking your nanny to take on additional household responsibilities, ask, don’t tell. Demanding that new responsibilities be added to an existing job description is a recipe for resentment. Approach your nanny with a list of five household tasks and ask her to choose three new responsibilities that she is willing to take on.
  • Anytime you’re modifying a job description or work agreement, it’s best to write it down and have both parties sign in acknowledgement. Having a current work agreement and job description outlining the expectations of both parties can help avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings down the road.
  • Reevaluate your childcare situation. Perhaps your children have outgrown the need for the expertise of a Newborn Care Specialist or other specialty type nanny. The right nanny for your newborn may not be the right nanny for your elementary school child. Hiring a nanny that has a more generalized focus can often reduce your childcare costs.
  • Consider taking part in a nanny share. If your household income has been decreased, but you aren’t willing to let your nanny go completely, consider a nanny share. Partner with another like-minded family who is looking to cut costs by sharing a childcare provider.
  • Look into hiring a nanny that has her own child. Many nannies with a decade or more of experience are now becoming mothers themselves. Hiring an experienced nanny with a child of her own can be a winning situation for all. You’ll get childcare from an experienced professional at a reduced rate, your child will get a built in playmate and your nanny will love and appreciate being able to bring her own child to work with her.
In today’s economy it’s financially tempting to ask your nanny to take on more, but be careful not to ask her to take on too much. “Remember your nanny’s primary job is to provide a safe and nurturing environment and to partner with you to raise physically, emotionally and socially healthy children” says Tokayer. “If you’re going to ask her to take on more, be sure to tell your nanny that it’s not a reflection on her or her work, but rather a sign of these grim economic times where everyone is forced to work harder.”
###About INAThe INA, a non-profit organization, serves as the umbrella association for the in-home child care industry by providing information and education to the public and to industry professionals. The INA is the only free-standing association that offers a nanny credential exam and nanny/family agreement. For more information, please visit our website: or contact us by calling 1-888-878-1477.

Friday, March 13, 2009

March is National Craft Month

Let's be creative. Here are some of my favorite sites to inspire you ~~


Skip To My Lou

The Idea Box

DLTK's Crafts for Kids

What are your favorite sites?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nannies Needed to Take INA Salary Survey

INA is asking all nannies to participate in their 2008 Salary Survey. This survey can be accessed through the INA Home Page. Responses are confidential and results will be unveiled at the INA Annual Conference in Dallas. The results are then released to the public - including parents, press and industry businesses and professionals. The more nannies that take the survey means that more information is collected about trends in our industry today.

I urge all nannies to take the survey and provide much needed input on today's nannies. Deadline is February 28, 2009.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

INA Conference Scholarship Opportunity Offered to ALL Nannies

A wonderful group of specialty nannies are offering a scholarship* to the upcoming INA Conference for one lucky nanny.

Previously offered only to INA Members, this year, the scholarship is OPEN TO ALL NANNIES.

Kim Dillon, Clelie Borne, Melanie Nesbit, Myra Leffler, Rowlanda Smith, Letea Payne (previous winner), MaryAnn X. Meddish, Martha Wetzel, Janinne Gardner, and Donna Robinson are hoping to make this an annual scholarship and alternate each year between one for All Nannies and Specialty Nannies new to the field.

So what do you need to do to be eligible? Simple. Write a 300 word essay on Why I Am Committed to the Nanny Profession.

Completed essays should be emailed to The essays should include your name, address, email address, and phone number. The contest ends on March 1st and winners announced by March 15th.

Good Luck!

* note the scholarship covers the member rate registration fee for one person to attend the conference. Travel, accomodations, food, etc., are the responsibility of the recipient.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The No-Cry Nap Solution by Elizabeth Pantley

Author Elizabeth Pantley and done it again with her new book The No-Cry Nap Solution.
Will your child only nap in your arms, in a swing, or after elaborate rituals? Does your child take cat naps -- or none at all? Let world-renowned, trusted parenting author Elizabeth Pantley help you. She’ll guide you with the same sensitive expertise and gentle approach used in her other No-Cry bestsellers about sleep, discipline and potty training.

Research proves that daily naps improve health, mood, growth, intelligence and well-being. Yet children often resist the naps they need and parents don’t know how to make them happen. The results are fussy, crying babies and cranky, grouchy kids who also have trouble sleeping at night!
In The No-Cry Nap Solution Pantley explains to parents of children ages newborn to kindergarten the importance of napping to both behavior during the day and sleeping during (and through!) the night. She then shares with you her gentle, loving child-friendly techniques--tested on families of all sizes and circumstances--and shows you how you can customize her solutions for your own family.

Pantley addresses issues such as children who resist naps, dealing with schedule changes, turning short naps into longer ones, helping a child go from needing motion for sleep to “stationery” sleep, nursing at naptime, daycare-related napping problems, newborn “in-arms” or “in-sling” napping issues, and much more.
Have you had success with Elizabeth Pantley's books? Share your success stories!

Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 INA Salary Survey

Nannies are invited to take the 2008 INA Salary Survey. This information is used when INA is contacted by the media and the public regarding salary figures, benefits and general nanny dynamics. Your responses are confidential.