Friday, November 4, 2011

Favorite Friday ... Nannypalooza!

I'm packing my bags and headed to Nannypalooza 2011 this weekend.

So why is Nannypalooza a favorite of mine?

It's an opportunity to see friends from across the country that I usually only get to catch with on Facebook.

It's also an opportunity to make new friends. Many of the friendships I have, started by meeting at conference - in fact, my best friend and I met almost 20 years ago at our first INA Conference in 1994.

It's a chance to be educated by some of our industries top leaders and doers. I'm in awe of what nannies are able to accomplish, and that they share that with others.

I've been in this career for 22 years, and I still find something new to learn each conference I attend.

It is the most fun I have at a conference. Where else can you go to a pajama/cupcake party at a professional event?

Whether you attend Nannypalooza, INA, a local or online event - gathering together with your peers is priceless and if you haven't attended a conference ever, you should add that to your bucket list of things to do!