Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Meet Nikki Gribble ... 2012 INA Nanny of the Year

Today, we get to hear from Nikki, fresh out of conference. Let’s get to know Nikki a little bit more and see how this new role as 2012 INA Nanny of the Year is affecting her life!
1. What did you think when you 1st found out you were going to be NOTY?
When I first found out I was going to be NOTY, I was very excited!!! I found out by walking into work one morning and the twins had onesies my mom-boss had made. One said Congrats Nikki!! and the other said you won!! Then both had Nanny of the Year on the back. My employers are wonderful and I thought it was such a cute way to tell me. It was then very hard not to tell people outside my family and a couple friends, as every year NOTY’s are sworn to keep it quite until it is announced at conference.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Changes ....

Changes are a coming.  Life is full of Change.

Changes in the past couple years have been the loss of my dad and grandmother.  Death is a big change in the family dynamics, relationships and how I think about life and how I plan my life now.

Work changes.  I took off my nanny hat of 20+ years and have successfully transitioned to Household Manager / Personal Assistant.  This is a role I have played over 23 years with all the families I have worked for, but the official transition to stop "nannying" and be full-charge HM/PA was a daunting one.  One I found to be much more difficult than I ever imagined.

So having taken off that nanny hat, I find myself trying to balance it all - nanny relationships/friendships and nanny industry responsibilities.   I often feel disconnected with other nannies now that I am not in the trenches - or playgroups / playgrounds as many of them are.  My charges are 16 and 18 - the oldest graduating later this month and headed off to college.  My role stays the same. Maintain the household and provide the services of HM/PA.

With the changing of the guard - taking off my nanny hat, I've decided to step down from my long-standing position as president of the local nanny group here in DC.  That's not the only reason, but a big one.  It's also time for new blood to come and lead the association.

But I'm not going far.  Never one to sit and relax, unless I'm reading a really good book - I'm heading over to the local chapter of the Domestic Estate Managers Association.  This group came along at the perfect time while I was in transition and I feel a real connection to it and its members.  

I hate change.  It takes me forever to decide on new glasses or a new haircut.  I like things calm and routine.  Every now and then life throws in a few shakes.  I've had some health issues this past year - appendicitis, and 11 days of kidney stone HELL.  I also discovered I have low thyroid.  Nine months of medication adjustments have finally got my levels to where they need to be and the biggest change is a work in progress.  I'm losing weight for the first time in years.  YEARS!!!!   Down 28 pounds and still going strong.   I attribute this to the thyroid meds, eating better, wanting to take care of myself and my own personal trainer - a puppy named Riley!  Our daily walks - from 1-3 hours have made a big difference.  And the change is noticeable.  I look better. I feel better.

So as the changes continue, life continues.  I'm sure there will be more shakes in my life, but I'm ready and able to face them head on.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Favorite Friday ... Education!

You can never have too much education and training - in any field.

Read my article on Regarding Nannies about all the terrific and sometimes FREE educational opportunities available in our industry!

What are your favorite ways to enhance your education and training as a nanny?